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Life is about priorities, and what matters to me at this particular moment? If I am too stressed out in my personal life, how can I worry about the world? Lately, I have been too anxious to step out of my self. Too worried about what will happen tomorrow, to spend even a second on the bigger picture, the prospect of the earth disintegrating from all our collective blunders. It takes time, love, and enough personal calm and peace, to pay attention to the daily acts, that together add up to make a difference. The single mom in East Palo Alto, who struggles to make ends meet, and is subjected to the chaos of an unpredictable life, is dealing with another order of priorities: economic, emotional, and basic survival. Which brings me to the realization, that “being green” is a privilege of the relatively wealthy and happy crowd. In order to love the earth, one needs to have enough love to give.


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Why bother with a green blog? My earlier enthusiasm is waning. And so is my sense of urgency for the whole green problem. Too wrapped up in my own world, I lose sight of CO2 and all those other bad gases. I find it hard to sustain my awareness for things that I cannot see or feel. Here in beautiful California, life is good and nature has not snapped back yet, except for an occasional outburst of heat in the middle of winter. I feel guilty. I imagine all the green do gooders reading this blog and pointing fingers of contempt for my lack of conscience. And yet, this is my truth, and I am convinced there is some gold in there. What if part of the answer lied in the honest acknowledgement of one’s reality. Global warming is a man made problem, said the latest report. Man made starts with the person.

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