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Talking about ‘I’ versus ‘Us’, Gabriel Halpern, my yoga teacher from way back, used to have us meditate on the fact that we are all breathing the same air. I remember my first reaction to be one of disgust. You mean, I am actually taking in some of the air exhaled by the stinky homeless at the other end of the park! There was also something strangely comforting about the idea, to do with the realization that we are all bathing in the same communal ether. How is that for sharing? The illusion of being separate, and having our own space is just that, an illusion. Yet, it is how I feel. There is ‘I’, and there is the rest of the world. It’s called boundaries. It is necessary to retain a healthy sense of self. And it stops being useful, when it turns the world into a collection of closed individual systems. This mistaken reality is directly at odds with what we know from biology, that we are all interrelated and part of a series of related ecosystems, made up of other humans, animals, plants, and nature in general. I am left wondering, how come I feel so disconnected, then. What happened?

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My pain in the neck is trying to tell me something

These last few weeks, I have developed a real intense pain in the neck. It’s gotten to the point where I can barely function. Physical therapy, Ibuprofen, massages, nothing helps. Prad thinks I am either too tense, or working too much on the computer. He is probably right. I have been taxing myself, and my body is letting me know. What does that have to do with global warming, you may wonder?

Listening to nature

We all need to listen to nature. Whether it is listening to the feedback from one’s own body, or the unmistakable signs of the planet heating up, we better take notice. Or else we run the risk of no longer being able to function. I am bitching and moaning that my body just won’t bend to my will. I would like to believe that I am the mistress in my own house. The reality is, nature is. From the few biology classes I took, I retained a sense of awe for the intelligence of nature. Nature is the most well regulated factory I know of, with elaborate systems of checks and balances, to make sure that we do not deviate too much from the equilibrium.

The problem of selective listening

This friend of mine came over for dinner this weekend. The conversation very quickly steered towards environmental issues. She is a staunch supporter of the ‘global warming is a hoax’ theory. Her latest is a study from an MIT professor, that she will post in her business blog. “The facts, Marguerite, check the facts”. I was left, puzzled. How can my friend, who is supposedly an intelligent person, come to such conclusions? Green Guru asked her if she would still buy a beach front property? “I have no interest in that”

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