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I am pleased to report that Technorati obliged my request for a section in their directory, specifically devoted to ‘Green’. Here is the link: http://technorati.com/lifestyle/green/

Now, green blog searches will be a breeze. . .

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Technorati just responded to my earlier plea for a better search tool for Green Blogs. Here is their response. I hope you find it helpful:

Hi Marguerite,

I saw your post a few days ago and looked into your request. Technorati does indeed have a “Green” sub-channel already where readers can find posts covering sustainability and other environmental issues at http://technorati.com/lifestyle/green/.

Turns out the reason this may have been missed is because the “Directory” page isn’t quite synched up yet with all the channels Technorati tracks, so I apologize that the “Green” section is harder to find than it ought to be! The engineering team assures me it’s on their agenda.

And in the meantime, in addition to checking out the sub-channel, another really good way to find like-minded blogs on “green” topics is simply to search for a “green” topic, and click on “blogs.” Here’s an example search I ran on the term “sustainability“: http://technorati.com/blogs/tag/sustainability. I think it gives some good results on well-ranked blogs focusing on “green” topics, including some I didn’t expect like http://triplepundit.com, which focuses on sustainable business, and http://hippyshopper.com, which covers environmentally-friendly consumerism.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Doreen Bloch
Technorati marketing/PR intern

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Last week, The Huffington Post took the bold step of adding HuffoPost Green, a new section, entirely devoted to ‘Green‘, to its site. Kudos to Arianna, for granting further legitimacy to the green movement.

Along the same line, I just sent a request to Technorati, asking them to please add a ‘Green‘ topic to their Blog Directory.

I don’t know about you, fellow green bloggers, but having such a Green Blogs category sure would make it easier to connect with each other. It would also improve our chances of being found by the crowds. I will keep you posted on Technorati’s response.

While I was at it, I also checked Google Blog Search. There, no real categories to help find one’s way. Since they are in Beta, maybe something for them to consider? I also sent them a request. We will see if they respond.

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