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No Impact man is both an admirable project and one of my favorite blogs. It got me thinking, though. What will happen to No Impact Man and his family, at the end of their one year project. Will they keep on with their totally carbon neutral lifestyle, or, like extreme dieters on the rebound, will they go back to their old Prada life of indulgence? I realize this is a question about me really, and the extent to which I can sustain a green lifestyle.

Back in April, when I decided to start the La Marguerite blog, my intent was to better understand the psychological barriers that make it hard for regular folks like I to adopt a greener lifestyle. I was not going to try to be greener than I really was. I just wanted to observe and report. Four months later, I am questioning, is that enough? Am I skirting the real issue of my resistance to change, and using the blog project as a way to justify my old ways? When I asked Green Guru, his answer came, sharp and brutal. ‘What are you waiting for? Just do it!’ Not what I wanted to hear. It was good, it forced me to confront my inconvenient truth. I am not ready to give up the small conveniences that make everyday life so sweet, I want a little more time to indulge, I like things just the way they are. This bargaining has been going on for some time. And the blog is my best ally.

This morning, I mentioned to Green Guru, I was going to buy the new Newsweek edition about global warming and denial. He suggested I read it online instead. I protested at first. I love reading my magazines. I love taking them with me, so I have something to keep busy in case I get stuck somewhere. I love clipping articles for my Green folder. I love falling asleep reading the paper or magazines. This time, I relented. I went online and saved all the important articles in a Word document. The rest, the pictures, I could look at later. I am no No Impact Girl, I am a Green Girl Wannabe.

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Ever since I mentioned my Target addiction, I have seen a new bump in the number of hits on my site. Half of the folks visiting now, come not with green intentions but the desire to find out about Target’s new designer, Dominique Cohen. The Target magic is working, even in my blog! I find that hilarious, and also indicative of the popular culture. Green related issues may get a lot of press coverage, but still have a long way to go in terms of the popular vote. If Technorati‘s list of ten most popular blogs is any indication, what tickles the public’s interest most is, in that order: gadget and technology (four out of top ten blogs), politics (two), secrets and gossips (two). The most popular green blogging site, TreeHugger only gets the #18 spot.

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