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Roissy Charles de Gaulle. On our way to Tuscany. We were warned, leave for the airport early, today is a Red Alert day for traffic, as Parisians are leaving the city en masse for the beginning of their summer vacations. We ended up instead, three hours early for our flight, with plenty of time to read “Le Monde“, French intellectuals’ favorite newspaper. I learned that ‘Air France is thinking of TGV venture with Veolia‘. Makes perfect sense to me. In the face of skyrocketing fuel costs, the French airline is redefining its business as mass transportation for citizens, not just air transportation. 

How about oil companies reinventing themselves as sustainable energy companies? Not just greenwashing, like Exxon Mobil, or paying lip service to renewable energies as is the case with BP or Shell. No, I mean for them to  take the high road instead,  and reinvest a substantial part of their colossal profits into renewable energies and energy efficiency technologies. Of course, the oil companies lack the short term profit incentives of Air France. The already there carbon economy demands a complete overhaul of big business. That they relinquish short term profit driven strategies, and become instead corporate citizens in the true sense of the word. 

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