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My Little Sister’s teacher suggested I get her an analog watch so she can learn how to count and tell time. I had to go to Target. Of course, once there, I went straight for their new Go Designer booth. Alice Temperley’ line is really hot. I especially fell for her capri pants with the pleat in the front. I decided to get two, in different colors. Right next to the Go Designer section, was the Dominique Cohen jewelry booth. I ‘needed’ to complete my fake pearl set with the necklace. They had just received a new shipment, and I was lucky. My necklace was there, fresh out of the box. Finally I got what I had come for, the watch for my Little Sister. The whole thing was a steal, and my wallet did not feel that much lighter. Of course the whole experience did not take into account the real cost to the environment.

‘What I need’: A price tag that reflects not just the cost of producing the stuff, but also the cost to the environment, in terms of carbon footprint.

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