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Last night’s Democratic debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton kept me on the edge of my seat. Being an Obama girl, I wanted Obama to do well, and I had invited two girlfriends for support. There were only ninety minutes, and lots to cover. The three interviewers took turn asking questions, including some from the public, that had been preselected prior to the debate. Health care, taxes, immigration, and the war on Iraq, of course. Towards the end, Obama was asked about Hollywood, sex and violence. What did he think? The grand finale was a question to both candidates about their dream tickets.

What did you think?’ My friend Christine wanted to know what I thought of Obama. I couldn’t help but appreciate Hillary‘s strong performance. Still, our man had done well, especially on the topic of Iraq, and we could be proud. This had been a good debate between two formidable candidates. After my friends left, I rushed to the Huffington Post to leave a few comments for my candidate.

Not until this afternoon did I place the debate in the context of global warming, and realized that not a single question had been asked on the topic. I could understand other people not paying attention, but I, out of all people? I spent the morning answering readers’ comments about the post I wrote yesterday on ‘Global Warming and the Press‘. The irony is simply too much.

How about other journalists? Had they noticed? No mention in Arianna Huffington‘s post on the debate. Same notable absence in the Washington Post, and the New York Times. To the credit of both candidates, a review of the debate’s transcripts shows them mentioning globlal warming in each of their opening statements:

Obama: “Our planet is in peril

Hillary: “. . . global warming which the U.S. must lead in trying to contend with and reverse.

That it took me nearly twenty four hours to notice, that the interviewers did not bother with asking the question, and that the media also failed to notice, all three of these facts combined say a lot about our collective state of mind vis a vis global warming.

Did you notice?

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