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Google answered my wishes for an animated 3D-Map of climate change scenarios. From Reuters:

The project, Climate Change in Our World, is the result of cooperation between web search engine Google, Britain’s environment ministry and the country’s Met Office. Based on Google Earth which uses NASA satellite images, viewers can run a time lapse series to watch the earth warm under medium case scenarios up to 2100 either from a planetary perspective or zeroing in on countries and even cities. “This project shows people the reality of climate change using estimates of both the change in the average temperature where they live, and the impact it will have on people’s lives all over the world,” said environment secretary Hilary Benn.

I tried it. It is still very basic, and needs more local data, to be truly relevant. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction, and could be used, not just to show catastrophic scenarios, but also to visualize hopeful possibilities of a sustainable planet.

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