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Day 18 of Daily Footprint Project. It’s been sitting by the fireplace. Daring me with its unopened carton. Must have been a week already.

All the Reasons Why We Still Have Not Installed the Composter

Our new Feelgood composter. Prad ordered it. ‘Now you put it together.’ Of course, I have got a good excuse. I had gum surgery on Monday, and I have been feeling lousy. The few days before that, I was too busy, and the composter did not even make it once on my daily to do list. Plus, shouldn’t Prad take care of it anyway? I thought he would be the one in charge, in the composting department. He usually likes that kind of stuff. I know what he is thinking. ‘It’s about time you walk your talk. I have done enough as it is. Let’s see if you come through here.’ I am being tested on the authenticity of my declared green-ness.

The truth is, I love blogging about green psychology and green living. It comes easy to me. And I am seduced by the idea of composting, of returning what comes from the earth, back to the earth. It feels so right, poetic almost. Taking the box outside, unpacking the composter, assembling it, now, that’s another story. I can always find something better to do. Why is it so difficult for me to translate my intention into action?

I am happy with my life the way it is right now. The prospect of the satisfaction from composting does not outweigh the inconvenience of having to put it together. If someone else did it for me, I would use it, as long as it does not require too much extra effort. I think of all the greenies who are going to read this, and I anticipate their judgment. If it was not for the blog, I would definitely keep all this business to myself. I feel ashamed. No, I need to remember, the main thing is to be honest.

Let me take on my marketing hat for a second. What I am voicing is a very real pain. I want to be green, but I need some help. Will someone, please, make green easy on me? Set things up for me, hold my hand as I undertake the heroic task of greening my life.

Daily Footprint Project
Daily Log
Day #18


flush toilet 3
wash face 2
brush teeth 2
wash hands 4
shower 1
rinse dishes
run full load dishwasher


electric toothbrush 2
microwave tea 2’
microwave oatmeal 4’
microwave milk 2’
laptop on all day
heat cream of wheat
microwave half potato
broil steak
fry bokchoy


oatmeal with organic milk
organic oranges
organic milk
organic chocolate
organic raspberries
cream of wheat with organic milk
organic raspberries
organic buffalo steak
organic half potato
organic baby bokchoy
dinner out


toilet paper
raspberries plastic box
most of cream of wheat (leftover from breakfast)
paper wrapper for steak
3 newspaper plastic wrappers
rotten sweet potato
old half potato


2 papers
plastic milk bottle


drive to electronics store 2 miles
drive to restaurant 4 miles

Non food shopping

phone for Little Sister’s family

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I know I said I am going to buy a bike, and a helmet. I am going to register with Green Dimes. I am going to buy a clothesline, and a composter. I am going to buy natural home cleaning products. I said I am going to do all these things, and I haven’t yet. It’s called procrastination. Waiting until the last minute to do what needs to get done. Last minute? The 11th Hour has become a popular idiom for global warming doom. If I am a procrastinator, and I wait until the last moment to do what I find most unpleasant, the question becomes then, what is the deadline? How does one define the 11th hour? And more importantly, what needs to happen, in order for me to feel that the moment has come? Or will it be already too late to act, when I feel it, finally? No, the real challenge is how to turn the things on the list into a priority? How to get them to the top of my bigger personal to-do list, ahead of shopping, work even, and personal indulgence items?

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