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In my green memory bank, today I retrieved a moment long ago, with my parents, walking up a  path, in the French Alps. The image is fuzzy, there are pine trees towering over us, and forming an imaginary kingdom. The damp earth is soft under my feet, and I take in the smell of possibility of mushrooms. Drunk from the mountain air, I feel happy, totally.

What is in your green memory bank? How many  moments, stored away, and still potent with the intensity of childhood, can you go back to?  And access the  love you felt in the midst of nature.

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Foot step, foot step, foot step, . . . all I can hear is the sound of my foot steps. The soles of my shoes, hitting the pavement. Feet, shoes, cement. And the earth, underneath. Two levels removed. Foot step, foot step, foot step, . . .

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Embarrassment, shame, when I reread some of my latest posts. Almost all start with “I”. Maybe if I granted less importance to “I”, and more to the world, things would shift. This self-referential mode of experiencing is what’s most familiar. Even writing this post, without starting every sentence with I, is a struggle. Wanting to take ownership of one’s actions is one thing. Making oneself the center of the universe is another. Along the middle way, where I and Other take turns, may lie the answer.

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Reading No Impact Man‘s latest post, inspired me to take a look at productivity in relationship to my day to day life. I had a hunch, the need to be ‘productive’ may not always work in favor of my green agenda.

In my comment to No Impact Man, I mentioned the subjective nature of productivity. Prad, for instance, has less of a need than I do, to accomplish lots in one day. I, on the other hand love to ‘work’, and to juggle several projects at once. The fuller my day is, the more tired and satisfied I feel. In Silicon Valley, I fit right in. Many of my friends are working for startups, and cannot find enough hours in their days to finish all their tasks. The need to feel productive rules our lives. This comes at a price

An obvious personal cost is the lack of time to be and to enjoy less quantifiable entities such as friendships, family, nature, and the simple things in life. A more insidious cost, also related to the lack of time, is the tendency to forsake green consciousness for convenience. My favorite excuse for driving the car instead of walking, is that I could not possibly get everything done otherwise. Same with using all the other time saving, but energy draining appliances around the house

I watch Prad go about his day, and I am always amazed by how much he is able to accomplish, without even trying very hard. Green Guru’s notion of productivity is different. Green Guru is satisfied most when he connects with his friends and with nature, and when he feels he has done his share of re-greening the Earth. Right now, he is cooking a solar financing deal with some of his buddies in Honolulu.

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