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delicious.jpgI listened to Tina‘s suggestion and started a ‘greendrop‘ tag on del.icio.us. This way we will be able to track all the ‘green drops’ in the blogosphere. Here is how it works:

  1. If you do not have an account yet on del.icio.us, just go to the site and open one. It’s free.
  2. The del.icio.us and tag icons will automatically appear in your toolbar.
  3. Whenever you go on a site and comment on a post with a ‘greendrop‘, just click on the ‘tag‘ icon and type ‘greendrop‘ in the tag window.

That’s all! If a sufficient number of us go crazy with greendropping, ‘greendrop’ may even surface in the del.icio.us tag cloud. . .

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Ever wonder what people are really into? Go to the tag page on Del.icio.us. Here is what I found today:

  1. Most popular tags: art, blog, business, css, design, development, education, flash, free, howto, inspiration, java, javascript, linux, mac, photography, programming, reference, software, tools, tutorials, tv, video, web, web 2.0. webdesign
  2. Second most popular tags: ajax, apple, blogs, books, funny, games, graphics, health, humor, imported, internet, marketing opensource, photoshop, php, politics, productivity, recipes, research, resources, science, security, technology, tips, toread, travel, windows
  3. Third most popular tags: net, architecture, article, community, diy, download, food, freeware, fun, google, history, illustration, library, media, mobile, portfolio, python, rails, search, social, webdev, wordpress, work
  4. Fourth most popular tags: advertising, audio, blogging, cms, computer, cool, culture, database, fashion, finance, firefox, fonts, framework, hardware, home, html, iphone, jobs, learning, lifehacker, maps, microsoft, mp3, onlin, photo, ruby, ubuntu, visualization, writing, xml, youtube
  5. Fifth most popular tags: 3d, articles, collaboration, color, drupal, english, environment, facebook, gallery, game, gtd, images, magazine, movie, performance, photos, plugin, podcast, religion, rubyonrails, school, shop, typography,uk, usability,videos, wikis

There is only one tag in the green category. Can you find it?

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