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Prad and I just had an argument about hand soap. Small argument about a small thing. And the manifestation of a much bigger question. When it comes to reducing use, how far should one go? Green Guru is definitely at one extreme. This morning, I noticed the soap in the guest bathroom was suspiciously watery. When I asked him, he said he had added water to the little remaining soap in the bottle to make sure all of the soap would get used. You can guess the rest of our argument. I like to wash my hands with full strength soap, not soapy water. Green Guru’s insistence that I save the few ounces left of his soapy water caused my nascent irritation to bubble up into a full strength rant. Bottom line, Green Guru and I do not agree on the meaning of ‘not wasting’ for our day to day living. His is a zero tolerance approach, while mine is a lot more moderate. No Impact Man versus Green Girl Wannabe.

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