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Still preoccupied, I ended up in the 10 Items Only checkout lane, with double the amount of allowed articles, and the realization of the green bags missing. What to do? I was so tempted to succumb to the plastic bags. But then, I remembered the images from the ‘Synthetic Sea’,

and my green conscience would not let me. I let the people behind me go ahead, after apologizing profusely. And I retrieved the green bags from my car. That will be two less plastic bags for the fishes and the birds.

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Ever wonder what people are really into? Go to the tag page on Del.icio.us. Here is what I found today:

  1. Most popular tags: art, blog, business, css, design, development, education, flash, free, howto, inspiration, java, javascript, linux, mac, photography, programming, reference, software, tools, tutorials, tv, video, web, web 2.0. webdesign
  2. Second most popular tags: ajax, apple, blogs, books, funny, games, graphics, health, humor, imported, internet, marketing opensource, photoshop, php, politics, productivity, recipes, research, resources, science, security, technology, tips, toread, travel, windows
  3. Third most popular tags: net, architecture, article, community, diy, download, food, freeware, fun, google, history, illustration, library, media, mobile, portfolio, python, rails, search, social, webdev, wordpress, work
  4. Fourth most popular tags: advertising, audio, blogging, cms, computer, cool, culture, database, fashion, finance, firefox, fonts, framework, hardware, home, html, iphone, jobs, learning, lifehacker, maps, microsoft, mp3, onlin, photo, ruby, ubuntu, visualization, writing, xml, youtube
  5. Fifth most popular tags: 3d, articles, collaboration, color, drupal, english, environment, facebook, gallery, game, gtd, images, magazine, movie, performance, photos, plugin, podcast, religion, rubyonrails, school, shop, typography,uk, usability,videos, wikis

There is only one tag in the green category. Can you find it?

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Prad left for his cousin’s Indian wedding reception in DC. I miss him already. The good part is I have the house all to myself, and I get to clean up our fridge. Green Guru is on this ‘no waste’ kick. Our fridge is full of moldy stuff, that he refuses to throw away. Just now, I threw, hard as a rock half eaten steak, grilled corn from last weekend, super wilted salad leftovers, and Styrofoam cup with week old Indian carryout. I can’t describe the satisfaction.

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