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Here is the link to my latest post on Environmental Graffiti:

State of California Wins Major Fight Against Auto Industry

Again, California is leading the way on the environmental front . . . I must say I am very proud of the role played by E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) in the passing of the AB 1493 California Clean Cars Bill, the same law that could, if all goes well with the recent ruling, set the standards for cars emission, nationwide. I am a member of E2, and it is largely in part due to E2’s advocacy efforts, that AB 1493 got signed. What it takes as a citizen: supporting E2 with my yearly subscription to NRDC, attending E2’s monthly meetings, and signing E2’s petition letter, along with all the other E2 members.

Small effort, huge payout.

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As a service to the community, and as a continuation of my article series on the eWaste problem, I am passing on this mail, just received from Joey Appley-Epstein:

Hi Marguerite Manteau-Rao,

My name is Joey Appley-Epstein, and I’m contacting you on behalf of a campaign called Take Back My TV‘ organized by the people from the Computer TakeBack Campaign (now called the Electronics TakeBack Coalition).

Currently, tons upon tons of toxic e-waste is being dumped in China and Nigeria, where workers are exposed to lead, mercury, beryllium and brominated flame retardants, without any kinds of protection at all. The situation is expected to get far worse as we gear up for 2009, when many will be throwing away their older TVs in light of the new digital television requirements.

The goal for the Take Back My TV campaign, therefore, is to pressure TV manufacturers to offer national programs for take-back and recycling to their customers, and to build the infrastructure and programs needed before 2009. Their efforts have already persuaded Sony to sign their ‘Manufacturer Commitment to Responsible E-Waste Recycling‘ pledge, and the AP recently covered their efforts. However, it’s critical that we begin to further pressure manufacturers, and therefore we’re looking to spread the word and urging citizens to take action — and to think twice before throwing their televisions in the trash.

We’ve produced a short, 45-second YouTube video here:


Joey Appley-Epstein

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