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Andrew Revkin took The Guardian‘s newly published list of ‘50 People Who Could Save the Planet‘ and asked his readers to come up with their own list. Mine included The Unknown Environmentalist.

Tribute to the Unknown Environmentalist

I feel it is time to pay tribute to The Unknown Environmentalist. You know, the one who is leading a quiet revolution, far from the limelight. No fanfare, no big announcements, no blog. Instead the power of one’s daily actions. Day after day of biking, walking, carpooling, or taking the bus, or the train. Remembering to turn off the lights. Heating only as much as really needed. Reducing, re-using, recycling, of course. Borrowing and lending stuff to neighbors and family, whenever possible. Going to Freecycle when all else fails. Not wasting food. Eating sensibly, and in accordance with the laws of nature. Working at a job that makes a bit, or maybe even a lot of difference. Living in a modest dwelling. Composting. Saying no to junk mail. Giving away money to environmental organizations. Doing laundry only when absolutely necessary. Going for the clothesline every time. Saying no to the temptation of the garbage disposal. Being creative with old clothes. Never bathing. Showering, quick. Signing petitions. Voting. The Unknown Environmentalist cannot help but live the life of a responsible green citizen. And is motivated by internal rewards from a highly developed green conscience.

To you, The Unknown Environmentalist, I say thank you for doing your share and more of saving the planet.

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Al Gore won the Nobel Peace prize, and I am besides myself. I just started crying. As weird as it may seems, I feel an emotional connection to the man. After all, he is the single reason why I  started this blog. Not a small feat, given that two years ago, I could care less about the environment. I remember not wanting to go to his “An Inconvenient Truth” presentation at Stanford University. It was the end of the year, in 2005. Prad’s ex wife had organized it, and I only went because I ‘had to’. In the space of two hours, I became a ‘born again’ environmentalist. I came out of the Stanford Auditorium, swearing to myself, that  I was going to do something, to become a small part of the solution to this monumental problem.

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No Impact Man and I must be on the same wavelength. Just as I was feeling dragged down by the enormity of the work to be done, I read his post today about the importance of fun. Humans respond to humor, especially in times of crisis. Look at YouTube. The most popular videos are usually the silliest, goofiest ones. People can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. What’s missing from most of the environmentalist voices out there, is a bit of lightness, and also kindness for their audience. When I wrote about ‘Forget Lecturing’ yesterday, I forgot to add one important piece. Yes, do not lecture me. Yes, do not make me feel bad for what I am not, should be doing. Yes, show me through your example, not harsh words. Yes to all three, and also please, don’t take yourself so seriously. Make me laugh!

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