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How to Save the Planet in Five Easy Paragraphs‘. Now, that’s one catchy headline. No Impact Man‘s done it again. He got me hooked and reading his post, and all the comments below. Could it be that the answer to our big problem, lie in five easy paragraphs? I was hoping. It turns out, it is not so simple. Global warming is a big monster with many heads, all of which need to be dealt with, at the same time. No matter how we look at it, there is lots of work involved, for all parties involved. Scientists need to work like mad to develop groundbreaking technologies, many of them. Businesses need to market the right products. Governments at all levels need to set in place courageous policies. Influencers need to continue spreading the good word. And citizens need to take personal responsibility for their action, and stop consuming like there is no tomorrow. Because of the number of actors and roles involved, the complexity can become mind boggling. And my fantasy of a Super Green Conductor, that we could just follow blindly, has yet to materialize.

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After reading No Impact Man‘s post on ‘Happier People, Happier Planet’, it struck me that we may, almost always, know what we want, but very rarely, do we know what we need. Like any good parent, the job of government is to give its citizens what they need, not what they want. And to withstand the unpleasantness of an angry welcome from the populace, at first. To do that requires courage, vision, and strength.

What we want, is to keep on going with our consumerist lifestyle, and not make any sacrifices. What we need, is a whole new set of values, and habits. I know that for a fact. Six months of soul searching have led me to the humbling realization of my inability to make changes on my own. I also know, I would be most grateful, if the powers in charge would take over. Local government is a critical link in the chain towards a greener planet.

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