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First, was Nadine‘s comment a few weeks ago:

oh, and blog away especially outside of the green media, seep slowly into the reticent consumer driven world.

followed by my discovery of Ryan Watkins-Hughes, and his ‘shopdropping‘ practice:

‘SHOPDROP: To covertly place merchandise on display in a store. A form of “culture jamming” s. reverse shoplift, droplift.

and then Kyle‘s powerful image:

‘The cup of change is being filled drop by drop in the dark. We hear each drop, and we are impatient because we hear the drops but don’t see how full the cup is. At some point it will overflow.’

Three seeds that did not go to waste. Some recent discussions on La Marguerite, have convinced me of the value of a blogging initiative aimed at strategically chosen populations outside of the green blogosphere. The three seeds have germinated and given rise to ‘The Green Drop Project‘.

‘To ‘greendrop’: to ‘drop’ relevant ‘green’ comments in mainstream, non green blogs, from a predetermined list of targeted blogs. The blogs will be highly trafficked blogs in areas determined to be most amenable to climate fight conversion. The initial focus will be on parenting, religious, and business blogs.’

Tomorrow, I will start greendropping in parenting blogs, and reporting daily on my blogging expeditions. The following is a list of all the parenting blogs with a Technorati authority of 500 or higher, that I will be visiting:


I invite you to join me and report on your expeditions. When you do, may I suggest that you mention the Green Drop Project, in addition to your name and blog URL? This way, we will be able to track the project as it spreads.

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In keeping with the holiday spirit, I was thinking, how can I express my love and gratitude for all the people who have supported this blog throughout the year, and who have given so generously of their time, intelligence, and knowledge? Now familiar names who surprise me everyday with their comments and emails. And have transformed La Marguerite from a one person effort, into a rich community of passionate environmentalists. What better way than a symbolic gathering on this page, with a link to each one?

Darmok at Ancaro Imparo, Kyle at Green With a Gun, Mary at In Women We Trust, Nadine at Greenadine, Karen at Mother Earth, Richard at Artist As Citizen, Cowrin at Suitably Despairing, Steve at Groovy Green, Cass at Seacat, Jason at Scream To Be Green, Mac at Brave New Leaf, Rob at Sustainable Casa, Amy at Gift of Green, Daryl at Verda Vivo, Beth at Green Stew, Amanda at Enviroblog, Jonathan at Wasted Food, Abby at Urban Sprouts, Kate at Make-A-(Green)Plan, Jenyum at Tacomamama, Jenifer at Product of Compression, Marta at California4Gore, Bill at Algalita, Matt at Environment Debate, Otis at the Thought Kitchen, Courtney at Courtney Watson, Giorgio at Bogianen, Murph at CommonMonkey Flower, Jane at Live the Solution, Mental Mosaic, Stacy at Not Just a Pretty Face, Kamo at Viral SEO, Chris at Marketgreener, Dan at Treebankinginc, Tom at Two-Heel Drive, Mark at Swaptree, Franke James at My Green Conscience, Alina at Closet Environmentalist, Saul at Save Our Environment, Sue at Mobile Technology, Chris at Lighter Footstep, David at Planet Thoughts, Brian at The Daily Green, Ian at Switchboard NRDC, Jonathan at the Nature Conservancy, Crunchy Chicken, Jeff at Obligations of Reason, Meryn Stol, Danny Bloom, Robby at Village Green, Prof. Goose at The Oil Drum, Renee at Enviromom, Carrie at Seconhand Nation, Maria at Maria Energia, Ayomide at Green Clean and Proud, Michael at WiserEarth, Fritz at Cycle-licious, Beth on Life on Avenue Z, Marty at Egg, Dawn at Kaiser Alex, Jean at Farther Faster, John at Why Democracy?, Kendra at Green Dimes, Rebekka at Bek’s Blog, Green Sexy, Kevin at DeSmogBlog, Camphor, Amanda at Amanda’s Tea Room, Aronil, Naught101 at Eco101, Social Scientist at Free Public Transit, Kristina at Kristina’s World, Patricia at Patricia Singleton, Joanne at Nourished Magazine, Random Girl at LinseyMom, Alllison at Rock, Water and Light, Chris and Brea, Alvaro at Sharp Brains, Proletariat, Crafty Green Poet, So Far So Good, Hazel at Law of Attraction, Chani at ChaniBlog, Kathleen at Fashion-Incubator, The Green Miles, Iced Moka, Neal at CleanTech Blog, Scott at Green Bark, Carol at Life is an Ongoing Process, The Healthy Cookie, Lorivillareal, Gift of Green, Dave at Balneus.

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It is one thing to deliver content, and another to organize it in a way that is consumable by readers. I had been so busy writing, that I had lost track of the most important person, you, the reader of this blog. Something had to be done. I just went through my entire blog, reassigning tags and categories, to better help sort through all the information. The main challenge was deciding on which categories and how many? Looking at other green blogs, people are all over the place. Some are using tags as categories. Some have short lists, others super long ones. Some category names make sense, others don’t. I decided to do my own thing, and think first of the main topics I like to cover in this blog.

  1. Blogging: I did not plan on writing on my experience as a blogger, but it is turning out to be an important part of my life as a Green Girl Wannabe
  2. Ecopsychology: The main focus and raison d’ etre for the La Marguerite blog. A little talked about part of the solution to the climate crisis. Basically, the study of how personal psychology affects human behavior towards the environment. Including strategies to induce positive behavioral changes.
  3. French life: Because I am French, and references to my French experiences permeate this blog. I find it interesting to compare the two cultures, French and American. And of course, I am a bit biased . . . the French always end up looking good!
  4. Green domesticity: Mostly my interactions with Green Guru, my husband, and in residence green conscience. A narrative has been developing, at times funny, and always a source of insights into the dynamics of families, and how these impact environmental choices.
  5. Green solutions: An emerging category, and one I want to spend more time on in the future. Separately from this blog, I am working on a locally based green initiative. I will keep you posted.
  6. Internet: Living in Silicon Valley, I cannot ignore this most incredible tool, without which this blog would not exist in the first place. Things I love: social networks, wikis, blogs, green Internet solutions, anything new under the cybersun.
  7. Thoughts on society: The place for deeper articles on the macro problems, global solutions, comparisons between cultures, modern thinkers. An opportunity to cross-pollinate and tap into my multidisciplinary background as an engineer, marketer, advertiser, shrink, and artist.
  8. Zen moments: To capture all those times when I become zen, and go down, down, to that still place, where things just are.

That’s eight categories total. A good, manageable number. For other bloggers, interested in going through this same exercise, I would like to share a resource I just found through Daily Blog Tips, an article from Engtech, Climbing out of Category Hell”. I wish I had read it earlier. There are a number of things I did not do, did not know to do, and should have done, to minimize fallouts from my ambitious reorganization. I will only mention one, ‘to turn trackbacks off before you start reorganizing your categories or you’re going to spam the crap out of yourself as you resave all of your posts’. Ouch . . . I ask all to forgive me. This may explain the mysterious fall in Technorati ranking from the last few days.

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