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If only I spent the time, setting up the right kind of personal green infrastructure, I would not be struggling so much everyday. Many times, when I fail on my promises, it’s because I am not set up well, to begin with. I look at Green Guru and I see how much ground work he has done to get our family off to a good start, building a green house, insisting that we buy a hybrid car, stocking up on spare FCBs, insisting that we adopt green practices, like unplugging our appliances, turning off the lights, minimizing the use of our dryer, . . . Green Guru deserves his name. He’s got green embedded in his blood. Following in Green Guru’s footsteps, I started to think, what is it that I need, personally, on top of what he’s already put in place ? Here is the beginning of a list: a bike, a helmet, a clothes line, a composter, a registration with Green Dimes.

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