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A comment from Meryn Stol resurrected my interest in green working‘, a concept that came up in some of my earlier discussions with my friend Bruno de Beauregard, one of France’s pioneers in the field of online collaborative tools, and now involved with Netcipia, a wiki startup. Green working is a way of living that minimizes carbon costs associated with traditional work models. I have boiled it down to six principles:

  • Work from home
  • If not possible, find a place of work close to home
  • Either walk, bike or use public transportation to go to work
  • Limit number of days in outside office
  • Minimize business travel as much as possible
  • When in the office, become an environmental advocate, e.g, insist that all lights and equipment be turned off when not in use

This, folks is how I would answer Pamela Poole’s question, What Does the 21st-Century Workplace Look Like? The most exciting part about the green working concept, is the existence of emerging technologies, that will soon make it a reality for the majority of workers in the world. The following video features Cisco telepresence technology of remote collaboration, as demonstrated by John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, and Al Gore during their virtual meeting, at the recent VoiceCon 2008 Conference:

Pretty exciting! For more on Cisco‘s green working related initiatives, click here.

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