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Two days ago, I thought I was a born again greenie. Several of my blogger friends even joined to celebrate, and commented on my newly found consciousness. They especially liked the small acts, those subtle changes I had been noticing in my wannabe green life. This was to be short lived. Today I had a major relapse. All it took was a trip to Target, and Libertine to get me hooked again. Libertine is the new guest designer at Target. Impossible to avoid. The racks are right there when you enter the store, loaded with unseen before goodies. It did not take long, for me to remember the article in last month’s Vogue, the one with the picture of a navy blue Libertine jacket. I knew competition was fierce, and I had to grab it while I could, assuming they still had my size. They had the jacket, and it fit me perfectly. While I was there, I grabbed a few more items. So cheap. On my way out, I was so excited with my new purchases, I had to call Neela and Christine.

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