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Just received in my Inbox, from Virgin Atlantic: ‘Picture this: London from $256.’ Don’t get me wrong. I am a big admirer of Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial genius. This is not an effort to single out Virgin Atlantic. Rather, I am pointing at the pervasive nature of our modern consumerist culture.

I was curious, and wanted to find out how much CO2 damage a flight like the Virgin Atlantic one would cause. I tried to google ‘air travel, carbon footprint’, and went nowhere. There was no carbon calculator, that could give me the exact CO2 equivalent for a specific trip, let say, San Francisco – London round trip. If any of you know of one, please pass on the information!

Carbon offsets have a role to play in instances where one absolutely has to travel. But going to London on a whim, just for the fun of it? I think that time has passed.

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When I am inside my house, I feel protected and safe. Almost invincible. Nothing can get to me. I just thought of that, late last night, as I was reading the results from the International Panel on Climate Change Working Group II report on, ‘Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability’. Scary stuff. Yet, all these disastrous predictions felt abstract. I started wondering why. Why was I feeling so calm and detached? That’s when it hit me. In the sanctity of my house, I am removed from nature, on a primary, physical level. The prehistoric man in his cavern, had to respect nature. There were no screens between him and the outside world. Nature was all around and made its presence felt, with all its awesome power. Now when lightning strikes, I don’t have to be so afraid. I’ve got the thick walls of my house and a concrete roof over my head to shelter me.

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Comment I made on David Sirota’s post today in the Huffington Post, on What Is Hypocrisy & What Kind of “Hypocrisy” Should We Worry About?

‘I have two things to say about hypocrisy and people in the public light:

1) From a purely practical standpoint, isn’t the net impact of the person the most important factor ? Going back to the Al Gore example, the amount of collective good generated by Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth campaign is so tremendous, that even if the inconsistencies in his personal life were true, it would not really matter in the big picture.

2) From a morality and ethical standpoint, one could argue the importance of walking the talk, as it makes the talk even stronger. That is true. It also does not take into account the complexity of human nature. This is one of the reason I started my blog. To explore the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in my life as a Green Girl Wannabe. These do not make me a bad person. They only highlight my imperfection as a human being, and the difficulties of translating thoughts into personal action.’

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