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We are failing to invest in critical energy and agriculture research. We are letting our infrastructure fall apart. We are spending as if there is no tomorrow. We continue to drive as if there was no global warming. We are gorging ourselves despite warnings from our doctors. We focus on quarterly earnings at the expense of the long term health of our businesses . . . The pattern is clear. Like La Fontaine’s grasshopper, we are so focused on immediate rewards, that we are failing to prepare for our future. 

The price to pay for such carelessness is too high for us to ignore. Hence, it becomes important to examine the root causes of such behavior, and ways to fix it. The image of my maternal grandmother comes up. Meme Marie was more like the ant in La Fontaine’s fable. She lived frugally, and made sure she had enough money saved up for her old days. She also drew much comfort from knowing that her nest egg and her farm would go to her children after she died. Her brother, on the other hand was a completely different story. Always broke, and borrowing from my grandmother, until the day when she got fed up, and told him no more. Americans are like my granduncle and La Fontaine’s grasshopper. Overindulged children with no sense of limits, and a dangerous sense of entitlement. This precarious lifestyle breeds anxiety about the very real possibility of sad endings.

The first step is to recognize the problem. Next, is to regain control of our lives and our future. We all secretly want it. We just need permission from the media, and from our leaders. Building, not wasting.

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Two days ago, I started making a list for my personal green infrastructure. List of things I need to buy, and do, to get myself set up for easy green living. The list has been floating around in my head. It pops up, whenever I have an idle moment, and begs for action. So far, I always find something better to do. I need to write in my blog. There is this marketing document I promised. Dinner is in a few hours, and I still haven’t gone to the grocery store. I want to take my daily swim . . . I feel ashamed.

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Maybe I am just tired. This morning I woke up with green fatigue. The vigilance it takes to make sure that all my everyday actions are helping, not damaging the environment, gets to be too much sometimes. Being a good green girl comes on top of all the other daily demands. Work, being a mom, being a wife, making dinner, taking care of the house, taking care of myself, staying social, it all adds up. In the absence of a built in green living system, too much is left to my discretion. And that’ s a sure recipe for environmental disaster on a micro, personal level. I believe the same is true on a macro level. The best way to ensure green citizenry is to put in place a green infrastructure that will make it easy for all to do the right things. People should not have to think, and make decisions.

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