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I know I said I am going to buy a bike, and a helmet. I am going to register with Green Dimes. I am going to buy a clothesline, and a composter. I am going to buy natural home cleaning products. I said I am going to do all these things, and I haven’t yet. It’s called procrastination. Waiting until the last minute to do what needs to get done. Last minute? The 11th Hour has become a popular idiom for global warming doom. If I am a procrastinator, and I wait until the last moment to do what I find most unpleasant, the question becomes then, what is the deadline? How does one define the 11th hour? And more importantly, what needs to happen, in order for me to feel that the moment has come? Or will it be already too late to act, when I feel it, finally? No, the real challenge is how to turn the things on the list into a priority? How to get them to the top of my bigger personal to-do list, ahead of shopping, work even, and personal indulgence items?

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