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Remember John Kerry during his 2004 presidential campaign? Mr. Kerry may have been accurate in his portrayal of issues, but his message got lost into too many nuances. I am afraid the same is happening with climate change. Each day, new information gets thrown at us, that elaborates on, denies, or tempers previously released scientific facts. The picture that emerges, although more complete, becomes increasingly difficult for the average person to grasp. In one ear, out the other.

Staying with the presidential campaigning analogy, we all know from history, that the winning candidate is not necessarily the most qualified for the job, but instead the one most able to win the crowds with a clear, persuasive, and relevant message. The problem with the climate message is the absence of a dominant voice. Even Al Gore‘s once far reaching speech is getting drowned in a cacaphony of conversations from various experts and random people with opinions to share. The best way I know to counter that deplorable situation is to turn to the masters of mass communication. Good advertising professionals know the virtues of repeating over and over simple messages that stick and persuade.

Am I the only one to be confused?

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