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A mail this morning from my friend Lynn Miller, at OrganicMania, made me realize I failed to properly close the chapter on all work that took place here on this blog, on critical issue of climate change:

I read your blog post on La M about the new direction, and really wanted to respond but felt like I should run this by you first….I am happy for you that you are on a path that excites you….but at the same time, I do really miss the old global warming focused La Marguerite. You were my main source of information and inspiration on global warming, and I felt a part of your community. I thought you were the top female voice on global warming, bar none, and one of the very top in the world (Ok, I really like Friedman, but you were up there!)   

Will you still be writing about global warming under “social issues?” I felt like in your post you were a bit dismissive of the incredible work you did in global warming. I’m sure I’m not the only one  who feels this way…

First, let me apologize for my haste and for appearing ‘dismissive’ of all the work that took place on La Marguerite, regarding raising awareness and looking for behavioral solutions to global warming. It is one thing for me to decide to take a turn. It is another to not properly acknowledge the community that formed and contributed so much. There has been many ripples from the discussions held at La Marguerite. Sharing of information that would not otherwise have made it into the mainstream media. Connections formed that led to enduring collaborations outside the scope of this blog. Acts of activism. Personal awakenings . . . Lynn is right. 

Still, I am closing the climate change chapter for good. After eighteen months of being a voice and a community organizer for climate solutions, it is time for me to move on, and leave it to others to carry the torch. With the election of Barack Obama, I feel the stakes are different, and the path is more clear. What is needed now, more than ever, are new policies, quick, and the support of the people to pass these new policies. 

I am very much looking forward to the opening of  the next chapter on La Marguerite, as discussed in earlier post. My professional interests are now gravitating towards social media and social change ventures, and it is only natural for my blog to follow. 

Let me end with a big thanks to all who contributed to the climate change chapter on La Marguerite. I wish you to continue your awesome work in the many venues available to you, both online and in the outer world. 

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I have been cleaning house, and just finished revamping the link categories on La Marguerite Blog. The result? A listing of the best environmental sites currently on the Web. Thought leaders, green business, citizen research, green moms, social media gurus, green poets, news sources, activists, and cutting edge science, are all covered. 

Feel free to browse, and borrow, at your discretion. And if I missed any important voice, please let me know. 

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Starting today La Marguerite will have a biweekly presence at the Huffington Post. This is a great opportunity for all of us here, to share our thoughts with a broader audience. The Huffington Post consistently ranks as the number one blog on Technorati. It also took the bold step of featuring a Green section prominently on its site.

If you want to get notified of La Marguerite‘s posts on Huffington Post, best is to go to today’s post, and click on “Become a Fan” link. After doing so, you will automatically get an email letting you know when a new article gets published. Today’s post is on a topic we have discussed several times before: Helping Americans with Pocketbook May Succeed Where Green Talk Failed.

I am also told by the folks at Huffington Post to encourage you to visit and make comments there. Comments bring more comments and readership, and therefore greater chances that my thoughts, and your thoughts will reach the masses.

Last, many thanks to all of you for making the La Marguerite blog what it is, and for advancing our collective state of thinking on the formidable problems facing our whole planet.

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One year. It has been one year exactly since I started this blog. Last milestone was at the end of 2007 when I celebrating the La Marguerite community. The list of readers and contributors has grown exponentially since then. Lots of additional names to acknowledge and thank. Again, as an expression of my gratitude, here is the list of all the new names who contributed comments since I published my earlier list:

Tim Hood and Nick Ryan from yoosk, Elizabeth Tjader, Mark Seal from Talk Climate Change, Eric, Pamela Poole, Nik Piepenbreier from From My Eyes to Yours, Lynn Miller from Organic Mania, Rasio, JenRob, Steve Salmony from Sustainability Southeast, H Hernan Herrera M from Chinick, disinter, Peter, coach ronny from Darebooster, Ned Kelly from Global Warming Digital Help, Casey from Green By Design, Adrian, Madeline B. from Super Science Fair Projects, ppaaoollaa from Domenico Schietti, Hank Roberts, daretoeatapeach, Veronique, Indigenous People’s Activist, karen van staeyen from Happy Women, Amy lenzo from Beauty Dialogues, J.D. Adams, Roger from My Science Space, Jackie, Diane MacEachern from Big Green Purse, Mike from Mike McCaffrey, Selma from Selma in the City, Jerry Toman, John P. from Put Carbon Back, Coral from e-EcoInnovations, Urban Botany, Vipe Desai from Be True to Blue, Max Gladwell, Roupen, Godofredo Arauzo, Edouard from erlst, R.M. Koske, Malva from Planet Save, Maureen Quinlan from qrubini, Mick, XB, Daniel from Social Enterprise, Alec Roberta from Life of Earth, Rhonda Jean from Down to Earth, Robert Michel from Social Networking Skills, Tony Iovino from Red Mind Blue State, Erica, WI from Foodbev, Amber from c-o-d-e-r-e-d, Gabe, Tom Moriarty, Ian Kemmish, Dan from Climate Pact, Graceonline, Trinifar, Danielle from Wild life Promise, Alan from Life of Earth, Jacques Sapriel from PhillyEcoCity, James Gordon, Adrian, Coop from Love the Coops, Ilex, Mrs Green from Little Green Blog, Antonietta from comitatopertaranto, Green Recycler, Dolly Jolly Diana, Michelle from Scribbit, Smasra, Tina from Green Buckeye, Mike from Think Youth, Suat Gulsen, Krissnp, Mary from Ecolutionaryselling, Marie, Rejin from Urban Botany, Jason Benson, Mama Bird from Surely You Nest, Catnmus, Green Netizen, Earth and Economy, Roger Thomas, Science, mod*mom, Cherise from My Raw Food Diet Recipes, Jeff Stephens from Planet Relations, Aimee from Ecosceneinc, Simon Donner, Ron McCarley, Brian from Is this Our Future, Rob Jigarjian, Dont Be Sad Blog, Ben Ayers, JennB, Michael Tobis from In It For the Gold, Brian Fit, Margie and Tim Koger from In Progress.

Blogging is a learning process and a community experience. Sure, there is the fun of being free to write whatever I want every day. Even more gratifying though, are all the conversations with and between all of you. And the strength from being part of a fluid community of like-minded souls, all searching for solutions to the formidable challenge of climate change. I cannot thank you enough.

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