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Reporting on second day of green watching. How do you account for indirect energy consumption from using communal facilities, as here with Stanford pool?

I dealt with this before during Daily Footprint Project:

Going even further, and venturing into the field of environmental economics, I also need to look at my footprint contributions, as a consumer of external benefits. Included in that category are all the ‘free’ services I enjoy from collective entities. In most cases, I am paying for the services indirectly, e.g., city tax for public infrastructures such as street lighting, or merchant markup that covers store overhead costs such as heating. It is also clear, that I need to claim my share of the ecological footprint from such activities.

Practically, of course, it is for the collective entities to take responsibility for their energy consumption. The environmental cost of not using renewable energies should be shared with the citizen, mostly as a piece of information. Citizen knowledge can then lead to action. In the case of the Stanford pool for instance, that would mean putting pressure on the University to use renewable energies to power the pool installations.

Next comes the issue for institutions, of how to share energy monitoring information with the people. There are quite a few startups in the space already. I recently visited with the folks at Lucid Design Group, and was quite impressed with their

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There is no disputing the importance of the social factor, in moving citizens along the greener path. One additional element to take into account, is the issue of personal relevance. How does one turn global warming solutions into personal benefits? Research shows that most direct way to interest people is through their pocketbook. Last, I would add the availability of technology to enable desired behavior changes.

Short and sweet for the bottom line, here is my secret green sauce recipe:

P (personal benefit) + S (social network) + T (enabling technology) 

Best examples of green ventures that understand the power of the PST formula, are in the area of home energy efficiencyAgilewaves, Greenbox, and Lucid Design Group show great promise.

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