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The “we” campaign could learn a few tricks from the Obama movement. Several times a week, I get personal emails from Barack Obama, or one of his team members, keeping me informed about the progress of their campaign. It does not matter that the ‘Dear Marguerite’ and Barack Obama’s signature are computer generated. I feel recognized, and involved. And I want to keep doing more.

With the “we” campaign, no such rewards! I volunteered an idea for a video, I signed all the petitions on their website, I submitted to a lengthy questionnaire about my activities as a blogger, I contacted them to volunteer my time for the campaign. And in return, I got . . . NOTHING. Not a single personalized email thanking me and welcoming into the “we” movement. Not an indication of what’s coming next. Not an invitation to have a conversation with me.

How does that make me feel? Unimportant, unacknowledged, and angry. And no longer interested in contributing. Al Gore and his team are forgetting the very people they claim they want to reach, and mobilize. Movements are not decided at the top. Movements happen because of the people that make them.

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I have noticed an interesting phenomenon over the last few days. My once electric enthusiasm for Barack Obama is waning. Gone the frequent visits to the Huffington Post. Gone, the comments left on any post even remotely connected with my man. Gone, the daily check ins with local headquarters. I am suffering from Obama fatigue. I will answer to MoveOn‘s one click calls to petition the Super Delegates, or their Facebook plea for $2.30. That I can do, will do, still. More, I am just too burnt out. Even the ‘movement‘ cannot carry me on.

The same fatigue factor applies to the climate fight as well. How does one get people interested and engaged, without running the risk of losing them down the road? This is a big problem, particularly with influencers, and people with the most power to impact outcomes. Any ideas?

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