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Larry Page, Tony Blair, Jimmy Wales, Vinod Khosla, Shai Agassi, Elon Musk, Runt Ramsbottom, William McDonough, and a bunch of other very, very rich, and powerful men recently congregated for a weekend on Richard Branson‘s island. The event was organized in part by the the Climate Group, and aimed to discuss ‘the war against carbon‘. Lots of talks on new technologies, policy, and finances. And none about the human factor and conservation strategies. Have these high-powered folks so pessimistic about themselves and their fellow human beings that they have given up on the idea altogether? After all, Larry Page jet-pooled to the event . . .

I have said it before. Technologies, policy, financing do have an enormous role to play in our war against climate change. No question. However, they should work in tandem with some well thought out conservation strategies, including the financial support of local conservation efforts, and global communication campaigns about desired behavioral changes.

It strikes me that the whole climate change narrative is heavily skewed with patriarchal language. Listen to the words: policy, technology, power, war, . . . The threatened warriors are taking out their big guns.

Maybe the outcome would be different, if women in high places got involved?

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Right now, our government is like a lenient, neglectful parent, that lets us run wild with our consumerist urges. There is no structure to let us know when we have gone over board, no consequences for our ‘not so green’ actions. If we stay with the parenting metaphor, you and I both know this is a sure recipe for disaster. I also realize I go back and forth, between the need to take personal responsibility, and the need for a Big Daddy to keep me in check. My ego would like to think that I have the strength to be a responsible green citizen. When I get real, I get in touch with my weakness, and my need for help from something greater than me. Bid Daddy? The patriarchy is still very much a part of our lives, isn’t it?

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