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Cars in Paris are all small, for the most part. There is a lot to be gained from having a small car. One obvious benefit is, it is much easier to fit into tight parking spots. I am always amazed at how good all my Parisian acquaintances are, with what I call the ‘bump’ parking strategy, the technique of squeezing one’s car into what looks like an impossibly small spot, by repeatedly bumping into the cars behind and in front. Nobody seems to mind, and as my friend Linda said, that is part of the course for Parisian car owners, all cars here have dents.

Small cars are also incredibly efficient. Not a negligible feature in France, where gas prices are outrageous compared to the States. I notice French people are a lot more careful about how much gas they use. Something to be said for high gas prices. Small cars simply make it easier to be green.

My last point about small cars, is they allow for hilarious group rides. Try piling up a foursome in the back of a small car, and I guarantee, you are in for a ride full of laughters. It helps if you are a bunch of petite girls like us, in which case we were able to all actually sit on the back seat. Otherwise, it takes some negotiating about who sits on whose lap. This is not something I recommend for highway driving, but in the city, it works.

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