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Yesterday, was my first full day of green watching.

When I asked hubby Prad, whether I should include the energy to filter water in our pool, his thought was no. Our house has solar, and we are energy neutral. I say, that’s cheating. The whole point of “green_watch” is to see how energy reliant my life is throughout the day. That we were able to afford solar is besides the point.

For all the publicity surrounding solar, here are some sobering statistics from TriplePundit– as of 2007 :

Photovoltaic cells, most of which are made from silicon, have exploded in use around the country over the past five years as once-prohibitive costs for home use of the technology have declined. Between 2002 and 2006, the number of new photovoltaic systems installed in U.S. homes nearly tripled to 7,446 from 2,805, according to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council in Latham, N.Y. Industry officials say that such installations are expected to top 11,000 this year.

To put this in perspective the United States has about 70 million single family detached housing units. The yearly installation rate would have to go up by a factor of over 6000 to reach 1% of the existing single family home housing units per year (more for attached townhouses, apartment buildings, and other housing structures).

This is why energy efficiency and conservation, the two low hanging fruit in energy reduction, need to become both personal and national priorities. This starts with monitoring, of the kind performed here, with “green watching”.

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Loving my stay in Honolulu, except for the blazing sun that scorches us, whenever we venture in the city at midday. So much hot energy to harvest year round.

You would think the city would be covered with solar panels. Not so. The big talk in town, is the upcoming election, to decide on the mayor’s proposal for a $4 billion rail transit system. I just wonder what would be the bill for a city-wide solar program? And how fast would the payback be? With, or without subsidies? 

Where are the local environmentalists when we need them? Imagine a coalition of concerned Honolulu citizens putting together a solar proposal for their city. 

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Link to my post in Environmental Graffiti, on Berkeley going all solar:

Berkeley’s Solar Revolution

All those brilliant, radical minds, always working towards serving the people . . .

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