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The power of communicating on an emotional level

Read in the New York Times Business section today: ‘In campaigns from the longtime previous agency . . . the brand was peddled on “functional benefits”. . . “But we’d hit that point where consumers say: ‘I know that. What else?’ ” . . . “The conversation needs to happen on an emotional level because that’s where the power of a brand comes in. We found ourselves in need of strategy change and creative change.” ‘

The ‘Green’ Brand

The comments belong to an article on ‘The Pursuit of Happiness in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich’, about Kraft Foods’ efforts to revamp their Kraft Singles sliced cheese. Cost of the campaign: $40 million a year. Eighteen years ago, I was the VP at the JWT agency in charge of the advertising for Kraft Singles. . . Now if only, as much money and creative juices were spent of the peddling of the Green Earth solution! Green is the brand. Consumers say the same thing about Green as about Kraft Singles. They know what they should be doing, pretty much. So what?

Getting emotional about ‘Green’

The conversation needs to happen on an emotional level, because that’s where the power of a brand comes in.” Right on. People have lots of feelings about the Green brand. Fear, frustration, guilt, powerlessness, shame, curiosity, concern . . . They have even more feelings about life in general, which is the real context for the Green brand. Happiness, joy, courage, the need to belong and to be recognized, the need to be understood,. . . Hidden in all these feelings, is a powerful message, yet to be uncovered.

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Quoted from article in yesterday’s New York Times: “We try to be strategic about doing the things where each unit of effort has the most impact”, said Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club. Mr. Pope notes that his group has stopped short of castigating people for driving S.U.V’s or building large homes, too. “We’ll encourage companies to make more efficient S.U.V’s, and we’ ll encourage consumers to buy them.,” he said, “but we do not find lecturing people about personal consumption choices to be effective.”

Yeap, lecturing, or being lectured about how to lead one’s life, does not work. We are all teenagers in that respect. I have had that conversation with Green Guru many times. It is more powerful, and a lot less irritating to others, to just lead by example. After a while, some will rub off eventually.

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In search of other blogs to comment on, I browsed through Technorati’s list of most recent posts in the Al Gore Global Warming category. Interesting, how many of the posts with the highest authority are messages from the conservative right, in support of the ‘global warming is a hoax’ theory. These guys really know how to get their message across . . . Scary!!!

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