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On our way out to the grocery store, I mentioned No Impact Man to Green Guru. “Can you believe this guy in New York, he has decided to go 100% carbon neutral for a whole year, and his blog is now ranked #1,400 something on Technorati!” I knew to expect some kind of cynical response from Green Guru. “The people in Africa and all the poor countries have been doing the same thing for hundred of years, and nobody is talking about them. All it takes, is going back to the way our grandparents lived. What’s the big deal?” Green Guru had a point of course, although I could argue, if it was that easy, we would not be in the predicament we are in. I agree with Green Guru, the solution to the climate crisis problem is simple. Getting humans to cooperate, that’s the problem. We are like children, who have been given all these great toys, and now we don’t want to give them up.

“How about taking the green bags sitting on the door knob?” If if had not been for Green Guru reminding me, I was about to leave for Whole Foods, without the precious bags. Case in point.

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Ever since I mentioned my Target addiction, I have seen a new bump in the number of hits on my site. Half of the folks visiting now, come not with green intentions but the desire to find out about Target’s new designer, Dominique Cohen. The Target magic is working, even in my blog! I find that hilarious, and also indicative of the popular culture. Green related issues may get a lot of press coverage, but still have a long way to go in terms of the popular vote. If Technorati‘s list of ten most popular blogs is any indication, what tickles the public’s interest most is, in that order: gadget and technology (four out of top ten blogs), politics (two), secrets and gossips (two). The most popular green blogging site, TreeHugger only gets the #18 spot.

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