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In my earlier post on ‘The Seven Sins, I looked at the seven sins from a personal standpoint, as a Green Girl Wannabe. This time, I want to revisit the infamous list, and explore its merits in regards to marketing strategy for the climate cause.

I find it interesting that my most viewed post is not one about deep strategic considerations, but a rather shallow one featuring Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno videos about bugs’ sex . . . Similarly the Cassandra Peak Oil video collected over 20,000 views in less than three months on YouTube. There are also the ecosexuals, and the French ‘Velibataires‘. That should be enough to sell you on lust as a major driver for the climate fight!

Next is greed. Green is the new gold, as evident from the rush of capital into green startups, and corporations’ attempts to instill some green-ness into their products. Greed may be what is going to save us in the end.

Sloth means you’ve got to give people sustainable solutions that are going to make their life easier, not more complicated. The less work, the better.

Envy is at work when I’ve got a new green product that is so much cooler than its brown alternative. The Prius comes close, but at a price.

Pride as in ‘green pride’ is not operating quite yet, but there may come a time when green will become an integral part of good citizen ethics. ‘Green Pride’ T-shirts anyone?

I have left out vengeance and gluttony out of the list, as I can’t quite see how to work these into ‘the cause’. What do you think?

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The Americans have the ecosexuals. Now, the French have the Velibataires. My friend Christine, just back from Paris, told me about a new breed of French males. The Velibataires is a clever play on words between Velib’, the Paris bikes initiative, and celibataire, the French word for ‘single’ male. Parisian men are notoriously aggressive when it comes to flirting. Now they have another weapon, the velo! Anything to sell green, is good on my book. Still, how come is it, that males, on both sides of the Atlantic, are getting all the credit for green sexiness?

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