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Yesterday was full of meetings. At the end of the day, I decided to give myself a break and check out the new Simply Vera collection at Kohls. I only know of Kohls, from my weekly trips to the Indian store with Prad. When I asked Prad about Kohls, he said they were a cheap store like Walmart. When I heard that Vera Wang was going to do a line for them, I got very excited. Now Kohls was another place I could go to for cheap designer frills. The ads were very enticing, and I could not wait to check it out. The official release date was this weekend, but I read in the fashion forums that some stores already had the stuff. Turns out Simply Vera was a big disappointment. Cheap fabrics, high prices. I came out of the store empty handed. I was relieved in a way. I had not sinned. It was getting late, and Prad called to see what we were having for dinner. All the kids were home that day. I rushed to our favorite Italian takeout to pick up some pizza. Average speed: 75 mph. Out the window, all my talk about not driving more than 55 mph. There really needs to be some laws to help me there, otherwise, I am not going to do it.

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