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Driving in my Prius this morning to a dentist appointment, I felt like such a fraud. Saying one thing to the world on the outside, but being really someone else on the inside. The Prius was not even my idea. Prad was the one to insist that we go green with our car fleet – three total, not including the kids’ cars – What struck me most, was that I could have walked instead. All it would have taken, was for me to get up one half hour earlier. The power of habit is so strong, and the laziness too. There was an interesting article in the New York Times yesterday, about “Toyota Hybrid Makes a Statement, and That Sells”. In short, it says that more than half (yes, 57%) of the Prius buyers purchased their car because “it makes a statement about me”. Higher fuel economy and lower emissions came only as distant third and fifth (36% and 25%).

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