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I have been thinking about this whole business of needs versus wants. When it comes down to it, what do I really need to be happy?

  1. Love, friends and family. Sounds corny but love is the most important thing.
  2. Clean air to breathe.
  3. Access to good medical care.
  4. My computer.
  5. A place to swim.
  6. Bathing suit
  7. Baraccuda swim goggles
  8. Swim cap.
  9. A roof over our head.
  10. A creative project I can be excited about. Preferably work that will contribute to the community.
  11. Enough food to sustain me and my family. I could do with vegetarian only.
  12. Clean water.
  13. Ways to get places. Walking, biking, public transportation will do. Flying, only to go home to France, once a year.
  14. Pens and paper to write. I still like writing on real paper for certain things.
  15. My diary book.
  16. Sunglasses.
  17. Basic toiletries.
  18. A bed to sleep on.
  19. Bedding.
  20. Glasses to see at night.
  21. Fridge
  22. Wash machine
  23. Stove and oven.
  24. Trees and all the living things that make up nature.
  25. Access to public utilities. Garbage collection, sewer, are essential. Electricity, we can generate with our own solar.
  26. Beauty.
  27. Hairdresser once a month, to get my roots done and haircut.
  28. Enough clothes for all circumstances. Black wool dress, pair of jeans, couple T-shirts, summer dress, skirt, jean jacket, dress jacket, walking shoes, city shoes, raincoat, coat, umbrella, underwear, sweater.
  29. Purse.
  30. Traveling bag.

This is a comfortable ‘I need” list, one that satisfies all my requirements for happiness. It even includes a few ‘wants’, but tha’s ok. I am not a nun, and I need to be realistic.

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