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Green Guru finally woke up. And here is his answer to Karen’s earlier question. Of course, always run dishwasher only with full load. For a small family who loads dishwasher infrequently, it is better to wash dishes by hand, since you need to rinse dishes first anyway before putting them in the dishwasher, so that leftover food does not dry up while dishes are waiting to get washed. For a big family, that does a full load everyday, he would run Rinse cycle first, and then do Quick Wash.

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My blogger friend Karen sent me this mail:

At lunch today with a friend – a great friend, you and several of the other blogs I have been reading ( hello by the way !) came up. I was trying to say how they made me feel. She in her wonderful probing way asked this great question — how do we know like REALLY know that the things we are all beginning to worry about really makes any difference at all?? The example she used was the dishwasher – she knows it uses hot water, and energy to run – she and her husband as a retired couple might run it FULL every 3 days and she feels good about that part. Yet she thought to herself should I skip the dishwasher all together? Would washing by hand make a difference? How much of a difference ? Does she have to do dishes by hand the rest of her life to make a difference or would a year of hand washing help? So then she asked where do you go to find out WHICH things make the MOST impact ? and WHY? And in how long ?? I had no idea how to answer that? She marvels at all the green posturing – very similar to me – green catering – using organics is not green – it’s alternative – ugh – in premise it’s pesticide free but that’s not green that’s organic —or is it ?? We were laughing so hard. Anyway I thought with all your resources that maybe you might know.

While I feel flattered by Karen’s confidence in my green knowledge, the truth is, I don’t have an answer for her. Green Guru would probably know, but he is still sleeping.

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