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Last night, dinner at my house with some Silicon Valley brains. The discussion turned to global warming. I ventured that we needed some leadership and smart policies to force people and corporations into carbon neutral lives. Policies as in carbon taxes and financial incentives for sustainable choices.

I was met with protest: ‘You’ve got to let the market regulate things. It’s the most efficient, most intelligent mechanism. Otherwise you are going to be second guessing, and make matters even worse. Look at the ethanol disaster!’

To which I respond, along with Robert Kennedy Jr., which market? I don’t mind free market capitalism per se, as long as the economic parameters are set correctly. Right now, polluters are polluting the planet, without having to suffer the costs. We are polluting the air with our cars with no direct negative consequences. And as discussed in the Financial Times, water is treated as a free commodity, despite near term world shortages. These are examples of some very serious flaws that need to be fixed.

It’s common sense, folks.

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