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Framing Science is using comparison between two years ago‘s Time Magazine special issue on global warming, and this year‘s special issue on same topic, to make a point on shift that is taking place in the media and the collective consciousness:

From fear of global threat and helplessness, to hope and interest in personal solutions. As I look inside, I certainly have made that travel as well. This is also confirmed by latest Nielsen research.

I am curious to know. Does this match your personal experience as well?

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From Media Curves, interesting new research on level of agreement with “we” campaign ad, amongst different age groups:

I have voiced this before, I am not a great fan of this particular ad. The research seems to validate my feelings. It also confirms something else we knew from previous research, that the younger generation is most likely to respond to calls to climate action.

Mark, you are right, the AGW brigade is very active, as evidenced once more by the types and quantity of comments left on the YouTube site for this particular video. I did try to restore a bit of balance by leaving a comment, but that’s only one voice!

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