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All the kids are home from their various trips. Yesterday was major grocery shopping time. What to do? Shop at Whole Foods, within biking distance but horribly expensive. Or Trader’s Joe, a lot easier on my pocketbook, but too far not to drive to.

What would you have done?

This, folks, are the kinds of negotiations that take place daily in my life as a Green Girl Wannabe. I will keep you guessing as to what happened . . .

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On one side, avocados from Mexico, for $1.99. On the other side, identical looking ones, but labeled organic, and grown locally, for $3.99.


Even I, who have repeatedly advocated the virtues of ‘buy local, eat organic‘, had to ponder. I turned to Prad. ‘What do you think?‘. Green Guru hesitated only briefly. ‘The ones from Mexico. Mexico is part of the US’ – he was kidding, of course . . . ‘ I am subsidizing Whole Foods enough as it is!’

The lesson is: if you want folks to go green, you’ve got to make it easy on their wallets.

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The bags again, forgotten. After a sleepless night, I figure I can cut myself some slack. ‘Paper of Plastic?’. Images of the ‘Synthetic Sea’ flashing, again. I’ll go for paper. Better cut down a tree, than fill up the oceans with plastic bits masquerading as plankton. Plus, I figure I can always use up the paper bag later for gift wrapping.

I respond to images. They come back to haunt me, and grab me where it matters most. In my guts. Imagine if Whole Foods had videos of the ‘Synthetic Sea’ showing at every checkout line. I think something would happen. Of course, I would want to also see another video about paper bags and what that does to the trees. Retailers could do so much with their captive audiences of shoppers, if they wanted to. Whole Foods people, are you listening?

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Drastic Plastic‘, the article I wrote for Environmental Graffiti this week, has made a strong impression on me. Now, I cannot throw away a plastic bag without thinking about all the birds and fishes dying of a slow death because of me. Yesterday’s trip to Whole Foods gave me plenty of opportunities to cringe. Fruit and vegetable section: plastic bags. Bulk section: plastic bags. Fish and seafood section: plastic bags. Checkout counter: plastic bags. I go home, and Prad tells me the city does not recycle plastic bags.

Now I try to minimize the problem by putting the fruit and vegetables directly into my green bag (when I remember to bring it). That’s not enough. There is still the issue of the bulk and the seafood. I am thinking of bringing empty yogurt containers, next time. At least, I will have done my share. Still. it does not solve the bigger problem. I asked the Customer Service man about Whole Foods intentions. They are ‘thinking’ about all these issues. When will they do something about it?

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Too much thinking about my green blog. Green Guru stopped me, just as I was stepping out the door, my hand still on the handle. The same handle that holds our empty green bags. We joked that I was having a green senior moment. The trip to Whole Foods was very jolly. I was still laughing when I got out of the car. If not for Green Guru, I was heading to the store . . . without the bags.

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Whole Foods is as much a social place, as a grocery store. I will seize any excuse to go there, just to break the monotony of a whole day spent working at home. Since I work from home everyday, that pretty much means daily trips to WF. Green Guru thinks I am not being efficient. I should be planning better, and find other ways to entertain myself.

What I need: Exorbitant gas prices that will make me think twice before I get in the car. Even better, citywide bans on private vehicles, like in Bogota, where cars are only allowed to circulate at certain times of the day. A city bike lane infrastructure, where cyclists don’t have to share the road with cars.

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Green Guru got on my case for something else. I have the habit of always buying more than we need. The peaches have been rotting in the fruit basket. His point was, why not buy less each time, especially since I am shopping at Whole Foods nearly every day? That makes sense. Still, I have a hard time agreeing with him. The fear of not having enough, of not doing my job as a mommy and main nurturer for the whole family, is greater than reason.

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