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Give consumers simple tools and they will jump on the green bandwagon. For one more proof, see my latest post on Environmental Graffiti, inspired from New York Times article:

Pioneering Energy Saving Program in Seattle Puts Consumer in Control

They would, if only the state utility companies went along . . .

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Here is the link to my latest post on Environmental Graffiti:

State of California Wins Major Fight Against Auto Industry

Again, California is leading the way on the environmental front . . . I must say I am very proud of the role played by E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) in the passing of the AB 1493 California Clean Cars Bill, the same law that could, if all goes well with the recent ruling, set the standards for cars emission, nationwide. I am a member of E2, and it is largely in part due to E2’s advocacy efforts, that AB 1493 got signed. What it takes as a citizen: supporting E2 with my yearly subscription to NRDC, attending E2’s monthly meetings, and signing E2’s petition letter, along with all the other E2 members.

Small effort, huge payout.

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Ever wonder if you can make a difference for a more sustainable world? Read the article I wrote on Lisa Max, in Environmental Graffiti:


Grandma Dreams up Big Solar Plan in Kitchen


If you are like Lisa, and have been an agent of sustainable changes in your community, drop me a note. I have this series of guest posts on La Marguerite, where I invite people just like you, to share their stories. It’s called BlogActs, for blogging and activism.

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Link to my latest post in Environmental Graffiti:

To Each Source, Its Own Emission

A report on new California initiative to measure greenhouse gases emissions at the source. I am so proud to be a Californian . . .

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Green mayors are resorting to psychology to convince their constituents. . . See my latest article in Environmental Graffiti:

It is not easy being a green mayor

Inspired by article in New York Times.

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Link to my post in Environmental Graffiti, on Berkeley going all solar:

Berkeley’s Solar Revolution

All those brilliant, radical minds, always working towards serving the people . . .

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Link to my post in Environmental Graffiti, this week:

Science? What’s That?

Inspired by a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle. First nature, now science . . . We are preparing ourselves for a future of young people totally unequipped to deal with the challenges ahead of us.

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Here is the link to my post in Environmental Graffiti this week:

‘Drastic Plastic’

After you read it, you will never want to use plastic bags ever again . . .

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I just started writing for Environmental Graffiti. Here are the links to my first two articles:

Ravenous Moths Invade California’

No Bridge Over These Troubled Waters’

I will be writing weekly, and posting a link each time. Enjoy, and while you are at it, browse through the site. They have great articles, great headlines, and great photos.

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